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Alex Simon

UFC Fighter

A brief description of Alex as you already know is that he is a fast, powerful and a very gifted athlete.

First starting off playing high level football Alex was known as the ‘Rhino’ or ‘fridge with legs’ (which you can probably guess why). Alex was making a strong impression coming into the most crucial ‘make or break’ stage in his career but unfortunately suffered a bad knee injury along with other personal issues that saw him step away from the sport.

He then soon after, in hope to re habilitate his knee found himself powerlifting. His coach saw obvious natural strength and ran with it. With a short amount of training and a few competitions chasing bigger and bigger numbers, Alex shortly adopted the name ‘Godly strong’. Alex has already competed at the highest level in power lifting and in such a very short time was given the title of ‘Australia’s strongest man’ and 3rd strongest in the world at age 24.

During that time he has accumulated quite a following from people of all circles and has a strong social media presence on Instagram of nearly 50,000 people.

His achievements to date include:

1) Squatting 435kg
2) 400kg deadlift
3) 260kg bench
4) Five first round knockouts in under 30seconds each fight

After achieving this title and having five fights in between Alex had come to a cross road. One option was go to further with his power lifting and become world’s strongest man or option two was to follow his passion for fighting.

After the long hard decision and persuasion from mentors in the professional fight scene/training partners, he has put all focus into cage fighting.

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