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Alex Volkanovski

UFC Fighter

Alexander ‘the Great’ Volkanovski is the current Featherweight Champion of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the premier MMA promotion which now promotes some of the biggest sporting talent, live events and pay-per-view events around the globe – representing over 600 athletes, and over 50 events year on year.

From rugby to UFC fighter, Alexander Volkanovski is finding success in his second chapter. For a decade, he was a rugby player in Lake Illawarra on the South Coast of Australia.

As a rugby player, Volkanovski played for the local club, the Warilla Gorillas at a grade below the pinnacle level of the sport in the NRL. He was a mainstay of that club and helped it to win the grand final in his last season there.

Alex’s achievements in MMA are more miraculous due to the huge physical transformation required to compete at the highest level of Rugby when compared with the physique needed for MMA. Originally a front rower, Volko (as he is affectionately known) has transformed from a 96kg high speed bowling ball, to a 145lb (65.8kg) high octane athlete with the ability to out match his competition through pure skill, strength and stamina.

Alex is recognized as one of the pound for pound best fighters in Australia – a 2 time National Gold Medalist in Wrestling, currently the World Champion in PXC, and an impressive professional MMA record of 15-1-0.

Despite the tough exterior, Alex is a true family man, married with a young daughter, his attitude towards supporting his family continues to give him the motivation and drive to train day in day out and compete at the highest level.
Ever the entertainer, Volkanovski is the Rock Star of the UFC. High energy, confidence, tattoos, emotional victory celebrations and an infectious personality are all part of the show. But there is MUCH more to Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski than meets the eye.

As a professional rugby player, Volkanovski reached the penultimate station in the professional ranks. He was a step short. As a UFC fighter, he wants to do himself one better: “I want to get to the top, that’s what I’ve always said even before I made the UFC, it’s the one thing I’ve always said and I always will say. I wasn’t just happy making the UFC, I want to hit them top ranks. I want to go and get that title.”

2016 was a breakout year for Alex, and after some glittering performances in the Australian MMA, Volkanovski earned a place on the UFC roster. But if 2016 was about breaking into the UFC, 2017 and 2018 are about the pursuit of excellence. With a continued focus and drive, Alex Volkanovski could well be on his way to achieving Australia’s first featherweight title in the UFC.

Alex is currently supported by Universal Supplements, Engage Industries, Southern Cross Industries (Canada), and NBK/NBN (Qatar).

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