Rival Sports is a leading sports management provider for Australia's elite combat sports athletes

Rival Offers 360 management services to our clients, leveraging vast resources, networks and experience to source and maximize opportunities across all facets of their business and activities



Our philosophy is to represent clients who are talented, hard-working and ambitious to reach the top of their field.

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We help our clients succeed by offering a full range of services so they can get on with doing what they do best.

Contract Negotiation
The difference between a poor contract and a strong contract is the structure of the agreement. Rival Sports Management are experienced and licensed practitioners in sport, and have the knowledge, experience and industry contacts to ensure that each client has explored their maximum earning potential.

Tax & Financial Planning

Tax time can be a stressful time for an athlete, and it’s made even more difficult with the lack of industry knowledge made available. Rival Sports Management works closely with top tax and financial planning agents to maximise our athletes earning potential. We are across every aspect of our client’s financial requirements to ensure that we look to create a wealth network that should see the client benefit from receiving the right advice well beyond our clients athletic career.

Client Welfare & Psychology

Rival Sports Management works closely with a small selection of the best Sports Psychologist, who are there to meet the demands of the modern professional athlete. All meetings are conducted in the strictest confidence to ensure that the athletes performance and welfare comes first. We prioritise the person first and the athlete second.

Media & Image Protection

Rival Sports Management has extensive media experience and access to all current media networks and distributors to ensure that our clients are given the best opportunity to grow their brand. The current media landscape is evolving every day, and RIVAL is at the forefront of this growth to ensure that our clients are not only protected, but educated on the current demands of the media space.

Marketing & Sponsorship
Rival Sports Management works with many highly respected brands, giving us the experience to not only source great deals for our clients, but long lasting partnerships too. RIVAL specialises in online and brand marketing, innovation, communication and events that reflect our skills and attitude towards getting the best outcome for our clients.


Our clients have busy professional and social calendars. Our travel support network is in place to ensure your travel plans are prioritised quickly and easily, and are never affected by unforeseen circumstances during your journey. Rival Sports Management helps you Travel safely and efficiently.  



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