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Social Media Strategy

We can develop a bespoke social media plan to help nuture & grow your audience online across all social media platforms.


Our travel support network is in place to ensure your travel plans are prioritised quickly and easily, and are never affected by unforeseen circumstances during your journey. We help you you travel safely and efficiently.

Tax and Financial Planning

Rival Sports work closely with top tax and financial planning agents to maximise our athletes earning potential. We look to create a wealth network for our athletes so they can benefit from receiving the right advice beyond their athletic career.

Client Welfare and Psychology

Rival Sports Management works closely with a small selection of the best sports psychologists. Any meeting is conducted in the strictest confidence to ensure that your welfare comes first. We prioritise the person first and the athlete second.

Strategic Career Advice

We have experience on guiding athletes from their first pro fight, all the way through to challenging & winning world titles.

Contract Negotiation

The difference between a poor contract and a strong contract is in the structure of the agreement. Rival Sports are licensed legal practioners in contract negotiations - which ensures our clients get the most out of every agreement.

Media and Profile Building

We have extensive media experience, and access to all relevant media networks in sports and entertainment to ensure that our clients are given the best opportunity to grow their brand. We can develop a bespoke long term plan to help nurture & grow your audience online.

Sponsorships and Endorsments

Working with leading Australian & international brands - Rival Sports specialises in sourcing the right brand partners for your profile. The right brand partner can elevate your status & provide vital funding along each stage of your journey.

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